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Town of North Canaan

North Canaan is a town in Litchfield CountyConnecticut

North Canaan is located at the junctions of Route 44 and Route 7 in the northwest corner of Connecticut. The town was incorporated in 1858 when it separated from the Town of Canaan (Falls Village). The town is governed by a Board of Selectmen, Board of Finance and traditional New England style Town Meeting.

The current village of Canaan did not begin to develop until 1841 when the Housatonic Rail Road first chugged into town.  The original 1872 Canaan Union Depot was heavily damaged by a fire in 2001. The rebuilt Canaan Railroad Station is where the east-west tracks connecting Hartford, CT and Poughkeepsie, NY (and beyond to Campbell Hall, NY where connections were made to the west with other railroads) cross the north-south tracks connecting Danbury, CT and Pittsfield, MA. 

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North Canaan, East Canaan, Canaan?

Limestone Trout Club is physically located in the Town of North Canaan; one of the 169 towns and cities in Connecticut.  When you travel west on CT Rt 44 from Norfolk, you will first encounter a sign for "North Canaan".  If you travel a bit further, you will see a sign for "East Canaan".  There is a US Post Office in East Canaan on the south side of Rt 44. This, however, is just a part of the Town of North Canaan.  If you continue further west just past the junction with CT Rt. 7, you are now in Canaan with its shops, stores and other businesses.  Again, this is just a part of the Town of North Canaan.  

As indicated above(Canaan History), the single area, Canaan, was split in two creating the separate Towns of North Canaan and Canaan. The Town of Canaan Northern boarder is the Southern boarder of the Town of North Canaan.  The Town of Canaan is also know by "Falls Village" which is its primary business center.

To add to the confusion, the US Postal Service does NOT recognize "North Canaan" as part of a valid mailing address.  If you address an envelope with North Canaan, it could end up in New Canaan(in Fairfield County) or North Canton. The USPS only recognizes the designations of East Canaan or Canaan.  Even thought we do not have a mailbox at our club location, the USPS states that all mail going to locations on Allyndale Rd MUST use Canaan.

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Town of North Canaan and Litchfield County

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