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  • Dec 31st - Limestone Trout Club is CLOSED for the winter season.  No fishing until the Spring 2019 and the ponds thaw.
  • In the Spring, call the club phoneline for the latest on open/closed date and status
  • The clubhouse and cottage are closed and winterized

No flies on me?

Rick Wallace's 11 yo grandson Jack with 24 " brown at Pine

The fish are still shedding their summer doldrums but can't make up their minds as to what to eat. Take a look at the files that got hits and make up your own mind.

The fish healthy and fight hard which is a problem. They don't seem to have the stamina. I guess it takes time swimming around chasing minnows to build up their conditioning. BE CAREFUL! Don't fight the fish to exhaustion.

2018 Catch Analysis-Through October 19

Details for the fish caught in each pond.

Grip & Grin is not Dead!

When it comes to handling fish that we plan to release, a few basic practices will go a long way. Same goes for capturing that moment in photographs. Here are a few simple things to consider the next time a fish comes to hand and the camera comes out.

  1. Make sure your camera is ready to go!

  2.  “Three, two, one, lift, and click!”

  3. There are times when conditions simply will not allow for a photo, and that releasing a fish soon as possible is the priority.

BLOG for Limestone

If fishing for trout can be challenging. Fishing for trout in stillwater can sometimes be exasperating. This blog is a forum where postings will shed light on things that work, things that are curious, things we wonder about, and things we do at the Limestone (and why).

What can we learn from census data?

Should we be stocking more browns or rainbows?
Where is the best place to fish for a trophy trout?
Where should I fish if I’ve been asked to bring home dinner?
I want my guest to catch a fish, which quarry should we fish?

How would you answer these questions?

The Sixth Sense

To be successful fly fishing on Stillwater, you must develop a sixth sense for what is happening below the surface.

Flies that caught fish.

Savaged on Pine! See more flies that worked through June 2 -->

22 Inch tiger from Pine

More -->

    Limestone Trout Club -/-/- Est 1957

    Limestone Club House

    Limestone Club house

    Celebrating Our 62nd Year

    CLOSING DAY  December 31st, 2018

    255 days open for fishing in 2018!  See you in Spring 2019.

    Limestone Trout Club offers fly-fishing in a scenic 94-acre parcel located in the Town of North Canaan, Connecticut. It is a private, members only club - not open to the general public.

    Within the reclaimed Limestone quarries is a well-groomed property suited for the needs of fly fishers’ varied abilities. Stillwater fishing is plenty challenging! 

    The club features six unique ponds, beautiful landscape, camaraderie of its membership, and full time, on-site management. Non-fishing family and invited visitors will find a comfortable clubhouse where you read a book or take a walk outside on trails that circumvent the ponds.

    Sorry, but the ponds are not for swimming.  Pet friendly, but please refrain from allowing pets in the ponds.

    Link to Google map of our location.

    Latitude: 42.022395  Longitude: -73.291073

    Dean Keister

    Dean Keister

    Membership Committee Chair

    Phone: (203) 834-1528

    Updates & News

    CT Emergency Preparedness Portal

    Connecticut Emergency Preparedness Portal  - info, links to phone apps, guidelines

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    LTC Fly Selection

    Thanks to all those filled out fishing census forms, Dean has put together a list of flies that got hits.  Please review this info to help you have a successful day fishing at Limestone.  This info (public link) covers only part of the entire season so be sure to check out the complete Hatch chart on the Members Only page.

    Trout Catch Analysis

    Do you want to catch a big fish? Your guest to catch fish? Take one  home for dinner? The Catch Analysis report may point you to the right pond.  Be warned, sometimes this generates more questions than answers!

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