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A Day Of Fishing

Early morning and the big trout are cruising the shallows and edges. Streamers have been productive. I used a trophy dungeon rusty-red #4. Short 6-8” pulls in the first foot of water made it look like an injured fish. It was savaged!

Later in the morning with sun and minimal wind the fish dropped down from 4-12 feet. Midges, jig, and small nymphs with a depth-regulator did the trick. Later in the afternoon the fish seemed to be feeding on insect pupae in the film. Emergers (#14-#18) and beetles (#10-#16) were on the menu.

At this time of year conditions change rapidly. Polaroid glasses are essential to seeing the fish and detecting changes. You need to constantly adjust if you want to be successful.

See the details in the PDF file.

What information is collected?

Fly data is collected from your census sheets. Each fly is uniquely identified but listed once even though it may have fooled several fish. Flies are identified by:

  • Fly Category (streamer, nymph, etc.) - What are the fish eating? Where are they feeding?
  • Name - The name of the fly. Some names are quite bizzare.
  • Color - light, dark, olive, green, black ... the list goes on and on.
  • Attributes - Beadhead, depth fished, size, parachute ... what ever the angler feels is unique or important.
  • Angler - Who held the rod that cast the line that had the leader that had the fly that the fish hit.
  • Date - The day the fly was hit
  • The same fly on different days is counted once for each day.
  • The same fly on the same day by different anglers is counted once for each angler.
  • The same fly hit multiple times by for the same angler on the same day is counted only once.

It sounds complicated but just list your flies on your Census Sheet and read the report. Remember, you don't have to land a fish for the fly to count! Hits and long distance releases as well as fish brought to net were fooled! We all want to know what works.

I hope you will find this report useful and that you will share your experience. The more information we have the better the report becomes … and we all benefit.

So, please fill in this data on your census sheet. As we go through the season, this report will be updated so be sure to check it out BEFORE you leave home!