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The Fishing

The Best Stillwater Fishing In The Northeast

Trout are found in our three limestone quarries which vary between 45 to 95 feet deep and in our three shallower ponds. Both expert and novice anglers will find something to challenge their skills.  Whether you fish by yourself or with friends you will be sure of a great time. Explore Catch Analysis to see which ponds are hot and where the big fish are being caught. See the Flies That Got Hits section to help you prepare for a day on the water.


Scott Simko is available to guide you or your guests to success. And as always, Respect The Fish.

Who cares about thermocline?

You Should! HEAT KILLS!

Run a mile in 90+ degree temperatures then put your head in a bucket of water. How long would it take to recover? Scott Simko notes that the mortality rate for released fish has been on the rise. He goes on to say: "During and a few hours after members have left the club I'm seeing floating trout that have been released and thought to have survived. And these are only the ones that I see. I can only imagine the number I don't see because they sink to the bottom or are picked off by the birds."