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Catch Analysis

Catch Analysis 2017

This report uses catch information from census sheets to compare the current season with previous seasons catch and visit information. The dates of April 8th to October 16th, 2017 are used to show comparable data from previous years. Each year shows:

  • Fish by Length by Pond
  • Total Caught, Released, and Harvested
  • Season Days - Number of calendar days members fished
  • Rod Days - Number days members and guests fished

This data may help you decide where to fish. Where are the biggest fish caught? Where are the most fish caught? This detail provides indicators on what is happening with our fishery and is useful in making decisions on changes we might consider. Sometimes (quite often) the data shows the unexpected. When that happens the challenge is to try to understand why and how to leverage that information to make better informed decisions. I hope you will find this information thought provoking and help you decide where to fish.